Endless White

White by its very nature is simple, elegant, timeless and uncomplicated. The epitome of versatility, it has a unique ability to sit equally at ease in a contemporary setting or against a traditional backdrop. Soft, unshowy yet unquestionably impactful, go for a breathtaking statement of simplicity by planting large areas in swathes of white.

Balanced white

There is nothing quite like the opulence of a blanket of pristine white roses draped nonchalantly in the green of a garden. To create a wonderful balance of elegance and impact, try training white climbing roses up brick walls, or generously intersperse white shrub roses within a simple border for a beautifully calming effect.

Rambling Rector
Rambling Rector

layers of white

When planning an outdoor space it is important to step back and consider the whole view. Layering a white rambling rose behind a border of white shrub roses will add depth and interest, both up close and from afar.


For true simplicity, select a single variety of crisp, warm or blush white blooms which will
fade as they age. For a touch more complexity, combine white varieties of different bloom styles.



For a softer, more rustic, informal approach to white, plant with a bit more freedom, selecting varieties which are slightly off-white or even cream. The effect is still fresh and classic but with the warmth of a country farmhouse kitchen. Spill the blooms over the side of an old pot, along the cusp of a wall or over an obelisk in a walled garden for an elegant, effortless effect.

Kew Gardens (Ausfence)
Kew Gardens (Ausfence)

Endless white

White roses en masse is a truly breathtaking sight. Impressive yet calming, it is easy on the eye as it accentuates the scale of an area. Plant profusely in a long border or to the side of a path for a blanket of white.  Pictured right: Kew Gardens (Ausfence)




Plant large blocks of white roses for a contemporary approach to roses. This will sit equally well against a grand stone house as it will against a modern courtyard garden. For a coherent outdoor living look, match your garden furniture with your roses creating a calming outdoor space with a statement. The touch of fragrance will finish the effect perfectly.