Rose Varieties featured in the Rainbow of Roses

Hampton Court palace garden festival 2021

There is no better way to experience the sheer spectrum of colour that can be found amongst English Roses than when you are sat on the central bench in the 'Rainbow of Roses'. A cornucopia of colour, fragrance and variety showcasing the very best David Austin has to offer. Planted in large Corten steel planters this spectral showpiece is easy to replicate in an outdoor space of any size. Choose a variety of shades and combine in a bed or large modern style planter to really allow the blooms to take centre stage.

Nature is joyful, restorative, cruel and uncontrollable but most of all beautiful. 

Deep Pink, Red, Orange & Apricot Roses

To the left side of the rainbow you will find a warm spectrum of reds, deep pinks, orange and apricot roses. This planter is bright, hopeful and full of invigorating colour. Particular favourites include the deep rich red-pink blooms of Gabriel Oak, the ombré flowers of Port Sunlight and the large saucer-like blooms of Princess Alexandra of Kent, one of our charity roses for 2021.

Yellow, Cream & White Roses

At the heart of the rainbow you will find Nye Bevan (new for 2021, UK only) nestled neatly between yellow and white rose varieties. The central Corten steel planter features a seat which allows you to be surrounded by blooms. The combination of different bloom styles is key in this central section with the large single blooms of Tottering-by-Gently combining exquisitely with the plentiful large blooms of The Poet's Wife and the smaller blooms of The Country Parson

Bees and other pollinators flock to these rose filled beds, favouring in particular the single blooms of Kew Gardens and Tottering-by-Gently. Offset fantastically by the orange steel, the white blooms of Desdemona and Tranquillity provide a refreshing element to the central spectrum.

Pink and Purple Roses

On the right hand side of the rainbow you will find a cortex steel planter full of pink and purple roses. The range of shades of pink roses is a sight to behold, from the palest pinks like Gentle Hermione, to fresh mid pinks like Olivia Rose Austin and the irresistible bright pink of the ever famously fragrant Gertrude Jekyll

A planter or rose bed filled with one colour in a combination of shades can create a fantastic look. We suggest combining smaller flatter rosette blooms like Harlow Carr with larger fuller blooms, like those found on The Ancient Mariner.

For a touch of something more purple go for the wonderfully colour changing Princess Anne or the handsome James L. Austin.

Discover our Charity Rainbow of Roses at Hampton Court

A floral symbol of hope and positivity in recognition of the many lives lost and the heroic efforts of the NHS and key workers during the pandemic.

Nye Bevan at Hampton Court Flower Stands
Nye Bevan at Hampton Court Flower Stands

New FOR 2021, Nye Bevan

It seemed fitting that this year we celebrate both our NHS and the outdoor havens that we have relied so heavily on by naming our new rose release for 2021, ‘Nye Bevan’ (Auspital). Named after the founder of the NHS, we are honoured to have the blessing of the Bevan Family and support of the Aneurin Bevan Society in introducing this uplifting variety, whose light and airy blooms radiate hope and positivity. There are more than 240 NHS charities across the UK and most of them focus on helping our hospitals do more. Collectively these charities give £1 million every day to the NHS so that people can stay well for longer and get better faster.

David Austin Roses Cut Flowers at Hampton Court Flower Show
David Austin Roses Cut Flowers at Hampton Court Flower Show

David Austin roses in other gardens

The Cut Flower Garden represents the essence of garden designer Carien Van Boxtel's working garden during the pandemic. The garden includes a collection of David Austin Roses and takes inspiration from the Dutch flower fields with their repetitive ribbons of colourful blooms.
Designed by Nikki Tibbles of Wild At Heart, the Rose Tea Garden takes inspiration from the Edwardian era, and is a refuge of serenity and a place to enjoy a cup of tea in an atmosphere of tranquility. Shrub roses including Desdemona and Gabriel Oak fill the garden bed and are underplanted with grey foliage of perennials and annual bedding.