Mulching is the addition of a protective layer around the base of your roses. This process helps your roses to retain moisture, suppress weeds and provides valuable nutrients for your roses as they grow.

how to mulch YOUR ROSE

  • Firstly, before mulching, feed your rose and water the surrounding soil, which should be clear of old leaves and weeds.
  • Apply a 2.5 - 5 cm layer of your chosen mulch around the base of the rose, spreading it to the width of the rose canopy.
  • We recommend using well rotted manure from a local farm (manure must be at least 2 years old, as fresh manure can burn the roots of your roses).


Mulch in late March/early April, immediately after the first feed. If by autumn the layer of mulch has disappeared, a second application may be beneficial before winter.

It is important to feed your rose before mulching. Watch our feeding video which will give you all of the tips you need to successfully feed your roses.

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