Summer Fruit Punch

Mixed beds and borders

Mix it up but make it delicious and summery with fresh watermelon pink and tangerine tones. Create a deliciously vibrant mix by combining pink and orange roses in a mixed bed or opt for a variety with a mix of pink and apricot tones in the bloom. A fun and energising duo, orange and pink are often featured in the pages of fashion and interior design magazines. Working just as beautifully in the garden, this lively pairing creates a bold statement with a touch of frivolity.

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Select your favourite fruity tones and mix together to your taste...

Summery, flamboyant and highly stylised, mix the tangerine orange of Lady of Shalott with the watermelon pink of Boscobel, perhaps adding a dash of Eustacia Vye and her apricot centre to create a fruity and bold delight.